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Action Group Against Enslavement of Nigerian Ethnic Groups

30. desember 1998, 17:27

Dear O. C. Obaro:

I refer to your e-mail on the situation in the Niger delta and would like to state categorically that the Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria Limited, SPDC, is NOT "supplying gunboats, pilots and other military hardware" as stated in your e-mail. The company is an oil exploration and production company and is not in the business of supplying such materials.

SPDC is absolutely opposed to violence and has frequently condemned its use. A good example occurred just over a year ago when a number of SPDC's flowstations were occupied and 127 members of staff were held hostage. This was done in protest against the Nigerian government's redrawing of local government boundaries which those holding SPDC's staff hostage felt had disadvantaged them. SPDC's flowstations remained closed for several days while

it discussed with the aggrieved parties and negotiated for the hostages' safe release. Over the past few months, this has also been the case when our facilities were shut down by communities.

I hope I have been able to clarify SPDC 's position on this issue.

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