No. 3 Ekeh Street (Opposite Catholic Church)
Okpara Inland, Ethiope East LGA, Delta State, Nigeria
www.waado.org; Phone:
+234(0)8169010108, +234(0)59073099

About the Headquarters of Urhobo Historical Society in Urhoboland

Addresses in the City of Buffalo, New York State, USA, were used for the headquarters of  Urhobo Historical Society from its founding in 1999 up until 2014. In that latter year, Editorial and Management Committee made arrangements for the transfer of the Headquarters of the Society to Uthoboland. For this purpose, it acquired a building with spacious accommodation in Okpara Inland, Ethiope East Local Government Area, Delta State, Nigeria, with effect from mid-November 2014. For many of the following months, efforts will be made to equip the building with appropriate furniture. Arrangements for steady electricity power supply and, subsequently, a reliable supply of internet services will be pursued. A small number of personnel is being recruited to run the Society's services from its new Headquarters in Urhoboland.

February 5, 2015

UHS Headquarters Building at No. 3 Ekeh Street, Okpara Inland, Urhoboland

A Section of Library at UHS Headquarters

The Conference Room at UHS Headquarters