Ono Ekeh

Ono Ekeh, author of Table of the Lord

Author of Table of the Lord

 Table of the Lord

Published by PublishAmerica

 216 pages; Softcover    $19.95


Available at www.onoekeh.com






 About the Author


Ono Ekeh, author of science fiction novel Table of the Lord, lives in Waldorf, MD with his wife Amy and two daughters, Oviereya and Siobhan. He owns a small business—a Catholic Book and Gifts store in Southern Maryland.  Ono is presently working on completing a doctorate in Theology from The Catholic University of America in Washington, D.C.


Ono Ekeh has an interest in politics and the questions of sustainable economic development. Table of the Lord is a novel that marries the promise and wonder of science fiction with the fine points and notions of international economic and political development and independence. While most science fiction “skips” centuries ahead and presume a change that occurred in the interim, Ono is particularly fascinated by the transition period between where we are in our present world order and where we will be in centuries to come.


Ono is interested in questions concerning the present reality of African states; public health concerns such as HIV/AIDS, structural poverty, political corruption, church/religion and state/federalism in African states; and viable political and social structures going forward. Ono’s interests also include the future of the United States’ relation to the rest of the world, the strength and relevance of the European Union, and the effect of the strategic competition between both political structures on the rest of the world. A third interest is the eventual role that religion and the Church will play as the world advances technologically. Will religion enjoy the political influence that it had in the past? Will scientific claims undermine the need or standing of religion, or will religion flourish, and what form will it take?


Table of the Lord is an intersection of all three geo-political interests in the context of contact with extra-terrestrials. It is a story that spans three centuries and different continents. It is a tale of humanity and its tentative steps towards perfection. It is a story that highlights the conflicts and convergence between religious and secular goals of human progress.