A Photo Gallery of 4th UHS Annual Conference
Held in London, United Kingdom, October 31 - November 2, 2003
Compiled by Peter Ekeh. Photographs taken by Helen Ekeh, Perkins        Foss, and Patrick Okene.
Closing Ceremony
November 2, 2003
 Hackney Town Hall Assembly Room, London E8 1EA
The sessions and events of the 4th UHS Annual Conference were brought to a close in the evening of Sunday, November 2, 2003. It took on the appearance of a festival. It was an evening of thanksgiving by Urhobo Historical Society for the help it has received. Three awards -- to Senator David Dafinone, Chief Daniel Obiomah, and Chief Simpson Obruche -- were presented by Urhobo Historical Society as its token of appreciation for assistance received in its mission of serving Urhobo history and culture. Several key speeches were made. Many  of those events were captured in photographs that are presented below.


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Opening Ceremony

Academic Sessions

Cultural Evening

Closing Ceremony

Women at the Conference

Igbe Dance

Senator David Dafinone

Governor James Ibori

Deacon Gamaliel Onosode

Chief Godwin Ogbetuo

Professor Bruce Onobrakpeya

 Professor Frank Ukoli

 Dr. Emmanuel Urhobo

 Chief Daniel Obiomah

 Andrew Edevbie

Chief Simpson Obruche

Chief Perkins Foss

Professor Ajovi Scott-Emuakpor

Professor Isaac James Mowoe

Very Rev. Prof. Sam Erivwo

Dr. Helen Ekeh

Dr. Rose Aziza

Mr. Ejiro Ughwujabo

Dr. Aruegodore Oyiborhoro

Professor Michael Nabofa

 Chief J. M. Barovbe

Ms Janet Oromafuru Eruvbetere

Dr. Francis Omohwo

Mr. Love Ojakovo

Chief Albert Metitiri

Alice Ukoko

Peter Ekeh

Jude Onakpoma

Dr. Ona Pela

Mrs. Felicia Emesiru-Akusu

Francis Omohwo, a surgeon, carries a plate of kola nuts

Chief D. O. Dafinone offers prayers

Gamaliel Onosode speaking in a patriotic mood

Albert Metitiri, Urhobo elder, prays over kola nuts

Isaac James Mowoe receives blessed kola nuts from Dafinone

Helen Ekeh reads UHS citation for Obruche


Jude Onokpama, comedian, pleases the audience

Perkins Foss displays chieftaincy fan






 A lady participant thrilled the audience with a patriotic song