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Your Excellency  Dr. Jonathan Goodluck

The  President

Federal Republic of Nigeria

Aso Rock, Abuja


24 Mar. 2011


Dear Sir,


Our Yearning for True Democracy in Delta State:

April 2011 Elections


We wish to respectfully bring to your notice that our organisation, today, staged a peaceful pro-democracy demonstration to the Nigerian High Commission [see pictures above], here in London, to demand credible elections in Delta State of Nigeria, come April, 2011.

As an organisation that believes in true democracy and good governance of our State, we have become increasingly concerned at the level of violence, rigging, FALSE DECLARATION OF RESULTS and all manner of malpractices that characterize our electoral process, especially in Delta State.  In 1999 and again in 2003, there was widespread rigging.

In 2007, this act was so well perfected, that election was thought unnecessary. Consequently, no election took place in Delta State. In the whole of Warri, Sapele, Ughelli and indeed in Asaba, no voting took place in 2007! Ballot boxes were openly and shamelessly carted away to the homes of some PDP chieftains for a very private voting. This did not stop the corrupt Iwu-led INEC from declaring a result that brought in Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan as the Governor of Delta State by a margin of over 1 million votes!

Deltans were left to wonder where the voting actually took place! Great Ovedje Ogboru of DPP, was again left with no choice but to seek judicial intervention. It took 31/2Yrs for justice to arrive on Nov. 9th, 2010. Deltans jubilated all over!  This led to the Delta State election rerun of Jan. 6th, 2011.

A careful analysis of the INEC’s results (www.deltastateforum.org) calls to question, the issue of credibility of INEC, and their ability to conduct a free and fair elections, that truly represents the wishes of the majority of Delta State electorate. A simple analysis of INEC’s declared results in the Delta State rerun that returned Dr. Uduaghan to the State House shows that there were about the same number of voters in the three Warri LGAs as we have in IKA SOUTH, ISOKO SOUTH, ISOKO NORTH, NDOKWA EAST, NDOKWA WEST, OKPE, OSHIMILI NORTH, OSHIMILI SOUTH, PATANI, SAPELE, UDU, UGHELLI SOUTH, UGHELLI NORTH, UKWANI AND UVWIE all put together! Suddenly, more people live in the Warri riverine villages and hamlets than in Warri, Sapele, Asaba and Ughelli metropolitan cities.

As Professor Itse Sagay poignantly puts it, “even a blind man can see” through the fraudulent results of the rerun.  We have good reasons to believe that the current Resident Electoral Commissioner for Delta State, Dr. Gabriel Ada, is not an independent umpire of the elections in Delta State, and we call on you, once more, to REMOVE him from Delta State IMMEDIATELY! We will also like to call on you to probe his finances to ensure that he has not been unduly compromised in his position.

As an organisation that believes in TRUE DEMOCRACY and GOOD GOVERNANCE, we salute your courage, Mr. President, for the removal of Prof. Maurice Iwu from INEC and for the amount of money you have spent on INEC since you came into power. These very actions, among all others,  have convinced us that you are a serious advocate of true democracy and that you are committed to credible elections in Nigeria.

In order to achieve credible elections however, we require, first and foremost, credible people at INEC, and a credible Police Force. New breeds of Prof. Iwu are today emerging in INEC! If the election rerun in Delta State is a litmus test for INEC, it is clear that they have failed woefully. We reiterate our call for the immediate removal of the REC in Delta State and the need to send a strong message to Prof. Attahiru Jega of INEC and the Inspector General of Police that electoral fraud MUST be taken seriously.

In the past, politicians have been known to openly snatch ballot boxes under the protection of members of the Nigerian Police Force! This is similar to using our Police Force to escort Bank robbers!

This must not be tolerated in this coming election in April, 2011, or ever again, in Nigeria. This brazen act of thuggery and electoral fraud should have no place in today’s Nigerian electoral processes. Justice must be seen to be served.

We have noticed a new trend, where bribe-hungry INEC officials wilfully change figures in the collating centres, to favour their candidates, without due respect to the wishes of the electorate. We call on you to ensure that our electoral laws are taken seriously, and that the people’s votes are held sacrosanct.

Your Excellency, Deltans are simply sick and tired of politicians who prefer to foist themselves on the people of Delta State and will go to all lengths to usurp the peoples will. We hope you will sincerely identify with our concerns, and do everything in your power to ensure that this election is different in Nigeria as a whole, and Delta State in particular.


Charles Okobia


Sylvester Efole

Gen Secretary

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Ist Vice Chairman

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