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Sunday, 24 April 2011   


Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan



By Delta State Elders, Leaders and Stakeholders Forum

5 Swamp Road,GRA Warri

Delta State



We draw the attention of our most benevolent President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and leader of our ruling party, the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to the state of the party in Delta State and the corrupt practices of Dr. Uduaghan and his cohorts, who see the government as a vehicle to loot and entrench undemocratic tendencies. Our dear Mr. President, listed below are some of the reasons why our faction of PDP in Delta State may not support Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan in the gubernatorial election which is taking place on Tuesday 26th April, 2011.


We also need to save our party and country from local and international embarrassment if our crusade against corruption must be taken seriously because all hands must be on deck to assist you to save Nigeria from both economic and political problems it presently faces. We need to save the party from the wrong perception of the public in Delta state that the PDP is a political party of corrupt gang of conspirators desirous of milking the state and impoverishing the very people it was supposed to uplift.


We need to save the party from the grip of corrupt Ibori-Uduaghan dynasty, restore the original dream of the founding fathers of our great party by returning the party back to the people through internal democracy, free and fair elections. This cannot be done if Dr. Emmanuel E. Uduaghan who was disqualified in 2007 by Alhaji Hassan Adamu (Wakilu Adamawa) Screening Committee in Port Harcourt before he miraculously got a reprieve from our Party through James Ibori’s influence who is his 1st Cousin.


1. He was imposed on us by his younger first cousin and former governor of Delta State Chief James Ibori for 8 years to deliberately cover their misdeeds that is, corrupt practices and looting of Delta State treasury by two of them as former governor of Delta State and as secretary of Delta State government, a position held by Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan between 2003 and 2007. A job he has effectively carried out throughout the period as governor of Delta State and at this juncture, we would like to quote one example of such cover up.




The injunction granted by Justice Okeke the Elder sister of Ibori’s Mistress Mrs. Udoamaka Okoronkwo who is now serving 5 years jail term in London.


Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan was the Chief Executive of Delta state and custodian of the revenue of Delta State . Is it not ridiculous and improper for the chief executive of Delta State to obtain an injunction from the Federal High Court, Benin City, that Chief James Ibori should not be arrested or prosecuted by EFCC for the over 170 criminal charges against him that have been compiled by EFCC against Ibori and that EFCC should not be allowed to have access to Delta State Government records on revenue and expenditure of Delta State? Incidentally, Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan saw to it that the motion papers were assigned to Justice, Mrs. Okeke, elder sister of Mrs. Udoamaka. The maiden name of the two sisters is Onuigbo of Anambra state. When this scandalous actions burst into the open and the members of the delegation of London metropolitan police were being expected in Nigeria , the then Attorney- General, Michael Aondoakaa was directed to file a motion in the court to vacate the obnoxious injunction.


2. Dr. E.E. Uduaghan has been running a corrupt government since he took over from his cousin James Ibori on May 29, 2007. Identified cases of his corrupt government are listed hereunder.




We are members and infact some of us are founding members of PDP and we have participated in all PDP activities from 1999 to 2008. But in the position of Dr. E.E Uduaghan as governor of Delta State, they have excluded majority of PDP members in Delta State from participating in the affairs or activities of the party illegally constituted an executive which culminated in our establishing a parallel executive under the chairmanship of Maj. Gen. Onyekweli (rtd), who has been replaced by Col. Eboma (rtd). Could you imagine a situation whereby our faction was completely kept out from the recent convention in Abuja where the presidential primaries was held. For instance, our leader Chief Dr. E.K. Clark OFR, CON and many other prominent members of the party were excluded from the presidential primaries, and were therefore not allowed to cast their votes at the primary for Mr. President despite their total commitment to Mr. President.


Another unfortunate action by Dr. E.E Uduaghan led PDP faction, all our members totaling about thirty (30) who bought PDP forms to contest various position ranging from Governor to House of Assembly were denied participation in the so called primaries conducted by Dr. E.E Uduaghan faction of the party. Similarly, as it was in the case of Ogun State , we had no alternative than to hold a parallel primary, which was also monitored by officials from the National Secretariat of PDP, INEC officials, security agents and the press. The result of the primaries was submitted to the acting chairman of the party Dr. Bello Mohammed Haliru, but no action was taken as was done in other states where parallel primaries were held.


Prof. Saliba Mukoro a gubernatorial aspirant who was denied participation in the governorship primaries held in Asaba allegedly won by Dr. Uduaghan. Prof. Saliba Mukoro has gone to court to challenge his exclusion and the case which was instituted in Abuja Federal High Court has been transferred to Federal High Court Asaba and is still pending in court. Does Dr. Uduaghan has any moral justification to ask for our support.


4. Dr. Emmanuel Udughan recently held lavish press interview as guest of several national dailies in which he categorically denied his corrupt practices and that he was never indicted by a London Court during the trial of his cousin Mrs. Christy Omatie Ibie Ibori, Udoamaka Okoronkwo and his cousin’s wife Mrs. Theresa Nkoyo Ibori and sadly enough, the three of them have been convicted and sentenced to Five (5) years imprisonment each at the London Court. He accused us of framing or making allegations against him mutilating fact of his indictment by the London Court . He further accused us of fabricating false report to Saharareporters. At this juncture, we reproduce hereunder a recent Saharareports which infact has nothing to do with us and we challenged him to comment on the falsity Saharareport.


‘‘Sahara reporters has obtained official document of the EFCC which indicate that deposed Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan of Delta State was deeply involved in the illicit transfer of state funds to former governor James Ibori, his wife, mistress and other associates. Some of the documents in our possession reveal that Mr. Uduaghan who is Ibori’s cousin ordered the payment of about N2 billion in ‘‘unconventional transactions’’ between Delta State government and Udoamaka Okoronkwo, Mr. Ibori’s Mistress who is serving a 5-year imprisonment in the UK following her conviction on money laundering charges. The EFCC record shows that the transaction took place when Uduaghan was secretary to the Delta State government during Mr. Ibori’s governorship. The deals have reflected in various EFCC files.


Many of these payments involved the companies SAGICON LTD., RIVBBED LTD., and SAAGARIS PROPERTIES LTD., all controlled by Udoamaka Okoronkwo. The documents show that in some instances, funds were deposited directly into Ms. Okoronkwo’s individual account in Nigeria . Law enforcement agents in Nigeria and the UK told Sahara reporters that much of the funds may eventually have been laundered into the UK and other foreign countries where Ibori and his cohorts maintain lavish lifestyles.


One EFCC witness described payments to Okoronkwo’s companies as outside any payment due for genuine contracts (file p.21). Yet another said that some of the payments related to the Delta State Polytechnics Projects, control of which was wrested from the State Ministry of Education and placed under a special committee of which Uduaghan was a member (file p.80). In her own statement to EFCC Okoronkwo several bullet-proof Range Rovers purchased from high Protection Company in United State . During his tenure as secretary to the State Government, Uduaghan also oversaw and directly ordered distribution of huge amounts of security vote funds. Witness statements and financial documentation in the EFCC files shows that these payments include:


At least N1.23 billion funneled through BAINENOX LTD. and MER ENGINEERING NIG. LTD. companies controlled by Ibori and close family members as part of an illicit scheme;


At least N383 million laundered over 2years through PRIME CHAMBERS LTD., a Nigeria company owned by Prof. Amos Utuama former Attorney General and Justice Commissioner under Ibori. Prof. Utuama was the deputy governor in Uduaghan’s deposed government. Uduaghan’s own statement to EFCC investigators (file p.166f) also details how he, as SSG oversaw the transfer of billions in security funds to violent actors in Delta State . A partial breakdown showed the following:


An average of N100 million per month in operational expenses was paid to the Joint Task Force (JTF). Much of this money, Uduaghan stated was paid over the counter in cash because the military officers who reportedly received it did not want the money to pass through a bank account;


Payment to various youth and elders who supply information and sometimes go to the communities to carry out activities that will bring peaceful co-existence;


(1) Payment for information gathering and logistics to get hostages freed;


(2) Payment for pipeline surveillance and prevention of pipeline vandalization along with other security activities that will protect the oil installation;


(3) Ad-hoc payments to quell security emergencies. For instance, on October 5, 2004, Uduaghan arranged a cash payment of N700 million to unknown beneficiaries. On March 14, 2005, he again effected the transfer of N950 million to equally unknown recipients.


The documents indicate that Mr. Uduaghan was interrogated by the EFCC and made to write statements in handwriting on February 26, 2006. Asked about the US based brother Victor Uduaghan who is a medical doctor and who allegedly acted as money laundering front for Mr. Ibori, Emmanuel Uduaghan, denied that he had anything to do with his brother. The EFCC also interrogated Vincent Uduaghan, described as contractor to Delta State government and another brother of Mr. Uduaghan as part of the wider Ibori investigation.


Several sources within Delta State and Judiciary told Sahara reporters that Emmanuel Uduaghan played a prominent role, albeit behind the scenes, to corruptly secure the quashing of the 170 count charge proffered by the EFCC against Ibori in 2009. He used Delta State funds to set up a kangaroo court in Asaba, the State Capital. Dr. Uduaghan whose governorship was recently invalidated by Nigerian appellate court, bought a building from Raymond Guana, Delta’s commissioner for Lands and Survey, and donated the building to serve as the Federal High Court. Mr. Guana had served as then Governor Ibori’s Special Adviser on local governments’’


5. We also want to sight some other cases of corruption against Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan.




Among the revelation in the prosecution’s summation in the London Court is that the State Governor, Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan, who was Secretary to the state government of James Ibori personally authorized payments that were made to Christine Ibie-Ibori, Elder sister to Ibori and Uduaghan’s cousin.Those payments, included £69,000 and another £79,000. Reference was also made to N39 million in cash, which was delivered to her in two boxes. A company called KOLN was used as a vehicle to transfer funds out of Nigeria for the benefit of Chief Ibori’s sister and paid into her account.


Investigators had accused Governor Dr. Emmanuel Eweta Uduaghan, who prior to 2007 served as Secretary to the State Government (SSG) of facilitating the illicit deals. Most of the contracts that went to one of Ibori’s front companies – Sagicom, owned by Christine Omatie Ibori-Ibie, Rivbed or Sigares – were heavily over-inflated. Prosecutors in London revealed that most of the contracts were for N1.8 billion or above, including the supply of fine wines and beverages.






Mrs. Christine Omatie Ibori-Ibie is the elder sister of the former governor of Delta State Chief James Onanefe Ibori (same parents) and 1st Cousin of the Dr. Emmanuel Eweta Uduaghan i.e. Uduaghan’s father and James Ibori and Ibie’s mother are the same parent ‘’UDUAGHAN’’ by name and the same grand parents.


Mr. Vincent Uduaghan is the younger brother of Governor Dr. Emmanuel E. Uduaghan and 1st Cousin of Mrs. Christine Omatie Ibori-Ibie. While Mr. George Orogun was an employee in Oceanic Bank Plc. He was the Head of the Operations of the bank in Delta State , but now seconded to Delta state government as Commissioner for Finance in Dr. Emmanuel E. Uduaghan’s administration.


Most of the illegal transactions for which Mrs. Christine Ibori-Ibie was convicted and sentenced to 5 years imprisonment by a London Court, were jointly transacted or carried out between her and her cousin Mr. Vincent Uduaghan. Mr. Vincent Uduaghan is moving freely in Nigeria while his accomplices had been jailed for the same offence committed.


We re-emphasise that Mr. George Orogun who was also involved in the illegal transactions as the Bank Manager in Oceanic Bank at the time, is now the Commissioner for Finance in Delta State in Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan, effectively giving cover to the illegal transactions of Chief James Ibori administration, what a shady deal.


At this juncture, it may be necessary to name some of the transactions leading to money laundering for which Mrs. Christine Omatie Ibori-Ibie was charged to court in London . These contracts were originally awarded to Onovin (Vincent Uduaghan’s Company).


(i) Purchasing and Installation of Tartan/Polythene tracks at Warri Township Stadium.


(ii) Purchase and supply of sporting equipments courtesy of the Ministry of Sports in Delta State .


(iii) Purchase and Installation of Tartan Tracks for Oghara Mini stadium


(iv) Repairs and maintenance of Commissioners’ quarters


(v) Construction of Swimming Pool for School of Physical Education, Mosogar etc.


The total amount involved in these transaction alone was N304,000,000.00 (Three Hundred and Four Million Naira) for which Mrs. Christine Ibori-Ibie was paid for allegedly assisted in sourcing for the equipments which the Delta State government paid for in collaboration with her Cousin Mr. Vincent Uduaghan through his brother Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan as Secretary to the State Government in Delta State.




Efe Osuwa, Uche Okpunor, Victor Ochei, Levant, Setraco, Southgate and ULO named in the Multi-Billion Naira Contract Scam.


There is massive looting of Delta State resources by unscrupulous and rogue contractors running into billions of naira. Pointblanknews.com sources in Asaba hinted that some of those very notorious ones who get most of the juicy contracts, are Southgate owned by Efe Osuwa, Uche Okpunor’s ULO Construction, Setraco, Levant Construction and Davno’s run by a member of the Delta State House of Assembly, Victor Ochei.


What worries observers is why some of this rogue contractors still collect billions from State Officials even when it is evident they have not delivered.


According to our investigations, Okponor ULO was awareded the multi billion naira airport project in 2008 by the Governor Uduaghan administration. The initial sum was about N9biilion Naira which was paid in full.


ULO moved to site, did some shoddy job, and abandoned the project. But, to the chagrin of observers, the state did an up-ward review of the project from N9billion Naira to N18billion naira. Today, even at that, Okpunor pocketed the cash and abandoned it again.


Pointblanknews.com learnt that Okpunor was a cronie of former governorship aspirant Peter Okocha and lackey of ex-governor James Ibori who threw juicy contract his way when he held sway in Delta.


Okpunor, according to sources, has become so wealthy at the expense of Delta people. He owns the multi billion naira St. Luke Hospital, ULO suites worth hundreds of millions and a massive mansion worth hundred of million in Asokoro, Abuja .


Osuwa Southgate, got over N250million and varnished. The project was for the supply of portable machines used to retail recharged cards. This was supposed to be shared to selected youths as part of Uduaghan’s Youth Empowerment Program. The jobless youth were supposed to get the machines, get some take off grants of N30,000 each, and make returns after profit.


Setraco got N9billion from one phase of Ughelli dualisation project, while Levants, got N6billion for the Koko dualisation project. Both firms have abandoned the projects long time ago. Ochei used Davnoj to rip the State of N2billion under the pretext of providing street lights in few places and for supply of Christmas decorations, till date Davnoj have not delivered a single item. One member of the Delta State house of Assembly, Daniel Mayuku has been at war with these slimy contractors and their cronies in government. Mayuku who is chairman, appropriation committee has done all he could to block loopholes but failed.




A contract for the IPP Project Oghara was awarded at the cost of N27 Billion 2years ago to the company owned by the same Hon. Ochei a present member of the Delta State House of Assembly without due process. More than N14 Billion had been paid to the contractor. The site at Oghara as at today is as bushy as a forest with a broken sign board to identify the site. No civil and mechanical work had been carried out at the site. As a result of series of petitions to EFCC from abroad and within, a full investigation of this dubious project has been completed by the EFCC and the report is ready in the commission.




This is another siphoning drain to loot Delta state funds rather than develop the state. Other projects other than this like the Asaba and Warri Street lights and the bogus Effurun Round-about, are other draining pipes of Dr. E.E. Uduaghan. The street light is been sustained at the cost of N80 million per month for the supply of diesel and oil and this money is paid to Dr. Uduaghan’s wife Mrs Sheila Roli Uduaghan who runs this project. Also the Chairman of the Delta State Teaching Hospital, Oghara, Prof. Otubu who is a cousin to James Ibori and Dr. Uduaghan had been petitioned to the EFCC of given contract worth N500 million without recourse to Board approval. Furthermore, Terry Otubu the brother of Prof. Otubu who are both cousins of Dr. Uduaghan is in charge of buying and supplying Delta State Government vehicles and insuring of Government properties.


Today, the Delta State Government have no Commissioner for Sports but the Chairman of the Delta State Sports Council runs the Sports Ministry for Dr. E.E. Uduaghan. Again, Mr. Pinnick Amaju the Chairman of the State’s sport commission is the immediate younger brother of Dr. Uduaghan’s wife – Sheila Roli Uduaghan. It is clear here that Uduaghan uses various fronts including aides, relations, brothers, wife and in-laws to siphon the resources of the state.


To further show the level of involvement of the former SSG Dr. E.E. Uduaghan during Ibori administration in his various corrupt practices, all payments were effected by Government officials – Mr. Isiayei and Oghoro with directives from the Permanent Secretary, Government House, Mrs. P.O. Ikomi and the Secretary to the State Government, Dr. Emmanuel Eweta Uduaghan. The payments were in the region of N100 million, and N250 million as security payments. From statements and evidence given by some officials of Government House, the sum of N252 million cheque was released and that he does not know the purpose for which it was released. The SSG Dr. E.E. Uduaghan will know the purpose. But physically, he did not cash the N252 million but the directive to disburse was from SSG Dr. Emmanuel E. Uduaghan who was the controller.


Finally, we know Mr. President and Commander-in-Chief of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan very well and because of his incorruptibility, he will never condone any case of corruption, no matter the status of the person involved. Our dear Mr. President, these are some of the reasons why our faction of PDP in Delta State will not support Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan in the gubernatorial election which is taking place on Tuesday 26th April, 2011.


Kindly accept the assurances of my highest consideration and personal esteem.